Friday, May 23, 2008

Monday: Jang House and Special Guets

Because you clearly won't have partied enough this weekend, the Jang House (at the Barbary) is getting crazy on Monday with special guests Free Blood, Ninjasonik (with the k not the c) and Leif and his Black Magic goodness. Not to be missed. Oh yeah and it's some dude named Spank Rock's birthday. Your residents are Si Young, That Dude Ian, Spankrizzo aka Leroy Jetson and Jayson and NBC.

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Monday, March 24, 2008

Jayson Musson: Too Black for BET Release party

Mark your calendars for April 11th as Free News celebrates the release of Jayson Musson's Too Black for BET Episodes I & II book release party and exhibition at the Mad Decent Mausoleum. Musical stylings courtesy of Mr. William Pym and one Spank Rock aka DJ Leroy Jetson.

Don't forget every Monday its the Jang House at the Barbary with Spank Rock and Plastic Little DJ Si Young.

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Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Two One Five Magazine Round Up

  • Pack of Rats aka Jayson Musson now has an advice column over at Two One Five called "Ask Rats". Key quote to Confused and Jealous: “Y'know, science has long proven that 121% of marriages worldwide fail, and I don't think your husband really means any harm in his correspondence with his past partners, he just knows that one day you two are going to divorce and he simply wants to keep his fuck options open.”
  • Win a Ghostface skateboard deck, T-shirt and a copy of his latest album by signing up for their email list.
  • Or win tickets to see Jill Scott at the Liacouras center on March 7th by signing up.
  • Plus they totally have photos of The Bounce, Back 2 Basics, WTWB, Thursdays at Silk and a whole lot more. Its now at a new address that you can only see if you're logged in. If you haven't been in awhile, its now much easier to navigate but doesn't say who took the photos.

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Monday, December 17, 2007

The Jang House and PackofRats Birthday

30 at the club. Come celebrate as PackofRats begins his "descent into old age and irrelevance". Tonight is his actual birthday so come out and buy him a shot as he attempts to dj with notable other non DJ MC Spankrock aka DJ Leroy Jetson and That Dude Ian. Actually there will be a real DJ and his name is Si Young. He's good. To make all of this that much more interesting, this is the start of a weekly party at the Barbary. Jayson also wanted me to blog about the conversation he had with John Thousand yesterday at the Flea Market. They got into a discussion about who the best kisser in Plastic Little was. Kurt thinks Jayson kisses like a girl and Jon was a bit upset that he hadn't got to kiss Jayson yet. I suggested a kissing booth and they both agreed. This is a special opening night jawn, so don't miss out.

The Jang House at The Barbary (951 N. Frankford every Monday)

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Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Plastic Little Live

This is from that Philly advertising party a couple weeks ago. Its kind of funny cause Jayson, Pack of Rats, looks like he's taking a shit the whole time and Kurt could care less that he's on stage.

Read Jayson's latest Black Like Me about God's mistakes and the upcoming Gays vs Robots War.

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Thursday, September 13, 2007

Bonde Do Role & Plastic Little Tonight

Tonight, Bonde do Role, Plastic Little, Gang and Pink Skull tonight at Johnny Brendas. Remember last time they played? It got a bit crazy in there. This time, Marina and company will actually have a real live stage to play on instead of getting crushed by the crowd at Sals. Have you got your tickets yet? Tickets are only $10 and available surcharge free at Relapse Records on 4th and South. I've heard this might sell out. Just saying.

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Thursday, August 23, 2007

Plastic Little - Masters of the Universe

Sound could be better, but this is pretty incredible.
Plastic Little's song Master of the Universe , from the Lo-Fi Thug Paradise album, Video by MegaWords artist Dan Murphy using rad found footage.

Plastic Little Space,

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Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Reading the Philadelphia Weekly

Once in awhile I actually pick up a paper copy. Sometimes I even read it on teh Internets. This week has taught me:

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Thursday, August 16, 2007

Of Fishscale, LiLo, Rats and Philly In the UK

A nice little irreverent interview while Plastic Little toured the UK. Topics include those above and sex with Amanda Blank and lack of health coverage in the US. Read the "interview" here.

Really though, as in previous incantations, this is just a lead in for a show or two.
  • Tonite with Rubbed Raw at Pageant Gallery, 6th and Bainbridge. You remember from last time right? Also see OCDJ, Jimmy Joe Roche and BYO. $5 at 8PM
  • September 13th, opening with Gang(rumors) for Bonde Do Role at Johnny Brendas. Buy tickets now from ticketweb.
  • Did you buy a t shirt yet?

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Monday, July 30, 2007

Plastic Little T Shirts Now Available

From Mr. Bombadillo aka Nobodys Child:
Plastic Little T-Shirts are now for sale in my ebay store. I made them, there are only a few left. Go get your grandma a present she'll never understand, but think is ooooh sooooo pretty. Maybe she might even put you back in the trust fund, because yes, these shirts are magical and can erase racism. So, for now on, whenever she dons one of these magical shirts, she'll totally accept the fact that you like to put your genitals together with those of "lesser" or "oppressive" races. Thanks to me, the world is now a better place.... you're welcome.

Buy Plastic Little Shirts, Plastic Little Space

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Friday, July 20, 2007

Plastic Little - Dopeness

Maybe, NSFW. You'll see what I mean at the beginning. Edited and high res versions available at

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Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Tonite: Plastic Little Video Premiere

If you've been watching Current TV in the past month you may have noticed this short documentary on Plastic Little. The video is now available online, check it out. They're serious too, like an official documentary.

Tonite stop by Space 1026 (1026 Arch) for the video premier of "Dopeness", the video shot in an abandoned hospital. Expect beer, food and a number of other music videos as well. Doors open at 8.

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Thursday, June 14, 2007

Jayson's Mood and a danse party

So every time I see Jayson, he's always "Blog about my mood son." So straight from the source:
My tummy hurts
To keep this on a livejournal tip, I'm assuming he's listening to Hail Social or Fischer Spooner or maybe Massive Attack but with his current mood, I doubt it. Yo son, kick it with some Pepto Bismol. Anyways, check out the new Plastic Little jumpoff "Married to the Mirror" at the M Room on Saturday June 23rd with DJ Si Young and DJ Dee Jay. Somewhere I had copy of this from Jayson but that was probably in a bulletin I got on myspace 3days ago which is over my 25 page limit. So instead check out Black Like Me at Philadelphia weekly. Oh and please send letters to PW saying how much you hate/love the column so they keep printing it and don't get scared that T5S is going to stop advertising. Also, check out the art opening of Phantom Limb from Jayson and Heather Rae Morton at Topstitch on July 6th. Also, I did some guest dj'ing at WKDU today so I can have my own show and I played "Get Close" the clean version but it wasn't, oops sorry Oriel. Also, I don't think I said also enough times in this post.

Jayson Musson, Plastic Little, DJ Si Young, DJ Dee Jay

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Monday, June 04, 2007

Plastic Little - Club Banger (video)

Remember back in December when Plastic Little shot the club scene at Medusa? Well the Club Banger video is now done.
From the directors of Spankrock's amazing Rick Rubin video, directors Jesse Engaard and Jerome Roxas have brought another banger for Plastic Little's Club Banger

Yes, dope. If you look really, really closely you still probably won't see me but I swear I'm in the background.

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Thursday, May 31, 2007

Plastic Little Tonite

From Plastic Little:
'm so hungover i could vomit baby giraffes, but that don't matter because rapping must happen!

Us, we're called Plastic Little or Crapstick Shittle
The Mighty Mighty Sweatheart!- best rappers alive
Triangle Forrest!- all the way from ProviDANCE Rhode Island
DJ Si Young- Permanent Asshole Face. His words not mine. He be spinning some records to make the bitches shake they rectums.

Special Guest, MC Spankrock. He'll just be eating pork side stage and making fun of my light complexion and telling me how dissapointing i am as a human being. Thanks Nareem.....

Johnny Brenda's
Frankford and Girard
9pm shizarp. For real. 9pm Sharp.

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Thursday, May 10, 2007

Plastic Little in Montreal

Holla. So Kurt aka NBC just sent me this. Its the cover for the Montreal Mirror and was taken by Kelly Turso after the Plastic Little video shoot for Dopeness. Also included is an interview with Jayson aka Pack of Rats. Nothing too new except for the breakdown about getting banned from Vice. If you're in Montreal, check Plastic Little out with Thunderheist, A-Rock and Hatchmatik at Academy Club on Saturday.



Thursday, April 26, 2007

Queens of Noize - Video Booth 3 feat P. Little

Little jam from England featuring members of Plastic Little dancing in the video booth courtesy of Queens of Noize and Sinden's Beeper (hit me on my beepa, beepa).

Also, check out their performance at SXSW over at MusicPlusTV featuring favorites such as Club Banger, Drizholerring and more. And if you haven't picked up the masterpiece that is She's Mature you should do that now.


Friday, April 20, 2007

Plastic Little - All Yall Niggas Dead

QTSRC="" WIDTH="320" HEIGHT="256" AUTOPLAY="false" >

(Firefox users, sorry don't know how to embed it properly, just tested in IE and it looks fine. Safari, I have no clue, don't have a Mac)
Download it here

Also at YouTube

Buy She's Mature if you haven't yet, download it at, buy it direct, Plastic Little on MySpace

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Monday, April 09, 2007

Weekend Pics - Diplo and Hands & Knees

This was at the end of the night when Diplo started playing Nirvana etc. at Reading Terminal. Friday was killer with First Friday art, custom sneaks at Trinity, Sweatheart and American Sneakers at the Painted Bride, Hail Social at Deep Sleep, Yah Mos Def and KMass at WTHN and then Hands and Knees.
Bonus: Plastic Little - Crambodia feat Ghostface, Spank Rock and Amanda Blank (Hot Chip Remix) (via CallMeMickey)

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Friday, March 30, 2007

Plastic Little, Bonde Do Role Photos

Um, wow. Being upfront when Plastic Little was on, I almost got crushed. I definitely did have lots of PBR spilled or poured on me. One of the most incredible shows I've been to in awhile. At first I wasn't sure Broadzilla was a good idea because its usually packed on a normal nite. I think it was worth it.
Photos by Yap Snaps.

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Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Bonde Do Role & Plastic Little Moved

To Broadzilla on Thursday at Upstairs at Sals. Doors open at 9. Plastic Little starts at 10, Bonde Do Role goes on afterwards. $1 PBRS 9 - 11. Special surprise guest that will have people bugging out but they're not mentioning who until Thursday. Also, entrance is now $5 instead of the $7 it would have been at Danger! Danger!.

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Plastic Little, Bonde Do Role & Danger! Danger!

I am pleased to report that the Plastic Little video shoot was a blast. Running around in an old hospital is the jump off. Meanwhile there was choreographed dancing, a bit of nudity, pink nurses, lager and even calculus homework. Talking to Max from Free News Projects, he let me know that the video will be ready for release when it hits Japan and he mentioned that the ultimate goal is to have a video remix for each of the tracks on She's Mature. We will be sure to keep you informed of any upcoming video shoots. For now, if you haven't yet, pick up the album at your favorite music store including iTunes and eMusic. Also don't forget about The Remix of The Remix of The Remix, the Plastic Little x Turntable Lab remix contest.

Also, the real point of this post is to mention their show this Thursday at the Danger! Danger! house in West Philly Broadzilla at Upstairs at Sals. They will be playing with Bonde Do Role, Dave P, Pinkskull and more. For those of you not familiar with Danger! Danger! and the on again West Philly diy house party scene, 34th Street did a recent feature on them.
Located in a quaint residential area, the Danger! Danger! house seems unremarkable on the corner of 47th Street and Warrington Avenue. But behind the unassuming facade is one of the most popular venues of West Philly's burgeoning house show scene. The seven residents, whose history together stretches as far back as middle school, have become seasoned concert promoters. . .

Russell Brodie, unofficial house spokesman and member of in-house band Grandchildren, spearheaded this ambitious project. "I just started inviting bands that I had been hearing a lot about," Brodie said. "It was like trying to put together a regional showcase.
Tickets are only $7, show starts at 8:30 and is all ages.

If you happen to read the Philadelphia Weekly, you will have noticed Jayson Musson's (aka Pack of Rats) new column "Black Like Me". Jayson has a unique writing style and humor that usually has me laughing out loud when I pick up the paper. His humor was responsible for Plastic Little being banned in Vice (temporarily), much of the press releases for Plastic Little and the Too Black for BET series. Here is a snippet from his past column
Listen. R. Kelly can't do no types of wrong. R. Kelly can pee on a thousand little girls on their way to a thousand little Girl Scout meetings and he'll still be a saint in my eyes. If I had a daughter, I'd let him take a shot at her, maybe hoping it'd help me win the Powerball or something. “Go 'head, Kells—aim for her bigass forehead! Don't worry—I'm not going to sue you, dawg. I love you, nigga!” I mean, if Catholics eat Nilla Wafers and claim it's the body of Christ, why can't R. Kelly's piss be of spiritual significance? I'm a flirt.
Check out the first edition of Too Black for BET and his illustrations at his website. Read "Black Like Me" over at the PW, read more ramblings from Musson, Kurt, JonThousand and Amanda Blank at"Fuck Your Blog, Son" (currently NSFW) then head over to the store and choose either Too Black for BET, individual posters from TB4B II, or even receive a daily life affirming quote or haiku.

UPDATE: Plastic Little and Bonde do Role have been moved to Upstairs at Sals for currently unspecified reasons. According to the 34th Street article above, there has been a crackdown by L&I on house party venues. No current facts yet, so we can't quite blame everyones favorite fun smasher.

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Friday, March 23, 2007

Plastic Little Video Shoot Sunday

New video shoot for Plastic Little. Check the press release
Hey friends! On March 25th we will be shooting a music video for the Philly based rap group Plastic Little. The song we are doing is called "Dopeness" which you can listen to hear here.


The basic premise for the video is that, Kurt Hunte, one of PL's MC's is a doctor who dances and raps while making his hospital rounds. We are doing it in the style of an old musical. At the end of the video the patients
all come running out and have a dance modern dance party in the halls that ends in a big musical-style pose finish.

We are shooting on SUNDAY March 25th at the Women's Medical College in Roxborourgh.
START TIME: 4:00pm
END TIME: 9:00pm.

If you are interested please respond to the producer, Duncan Frazier:

We need to know ALL names so we can let the security guards know you are coming.

This is an abandoned hospital facility that is owned by the state and is in various states of disarray. We have permission to be there and it is safe but you still need to be careful.


Please bring fun party clothes. You will all be wearing hospital gowns over your clothes but certain articles of clothing may make an appearance so please bring your own fun outfits.


Our location is the Medical College of Philadelphia Hospital 3300 Henry Avenue in Roxborough. We are shooting on the 6th floor. There will be signs marking the way.

Car: It is approximately a 25 minute drive from Center City under normal traffic conditions. There is a parking lot at the hospital to the right of the building we are using.

1.) Take Rt. 76W
2.) Bear right at Roosevelt Expy/US-1 N toward Roosevelt Blvd.
3.) Take the first exit for Wissahickon Ave/S.Hunting Park Ave.
4.) Make your first right at Stokely St.
5.) Go down 1/2 mile to Roberts Ave. and make a right
6.) Turn right at Henry Avenue.
7.) The Women’s Medical College is the second complex on the left
8.) Turn left into the complex and park on the right
9.) The building is ahead on your left.

Google Maps

Public Transportation: The 32 bus goes directly from Center City to the hospital itself. There are stops at Broad and Washington, 15th and JFK, and 27th and Poplar among others. Here is a link to the online pdf schedule

Give yourself about 45 – 60min, of travel time depending on traffic. On Sundays the bus runs every hour.

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Friday, March 02, 2007

Plastic Little - The Remix of the remix of the remix

It's official, the Turntable Lab x Plastic Little remix contest is now open which we hinted about here. The top two tracks will be featured on The Remix of the Remix album released later this year. Prizes include cash, Serato, Turntable Lab credits and photos of your mom.
Turntable Lab and Plastic Little present Remix of the Remix of the Remix of The Remix Remix Contest

*Friday, March 2nd thru Friday April 20th, 2007

The ROTROTROTR begins! Calling all deejays, remixers, mash-up artists, breakdancers, art school students, unpaid interns, coffee shop employees, advertising hacks, out-of-work actors, ex-reality show contestants who lost, ex-New Ravers, ex-electroclash fans, and parents. Plastic Little has teamed up with Turntable Lab to host a contest with real prizes, including a Serato software package, Turntable Lab goods, and a chance to have your remix included on The Remix of The Remix album, to be released Fall 2007 by Free News Projects/ToneArm Records.

Try your hand at remixing Pretty Tony (aka Ghostface Killah), Metal Face (aka MFDoom), Coke n’ Wet (aka Spankrock), sweet and nasty Amanda Blank, The Black Boy George (aka Pack of Rats), Chalk Dustin’ (aka Jon1000), and Nobody's Child (aka NBC) and Plastic Little will share their immense wealth and fame with you.

Acapellas are available at These are not the full acapellas. We aren’t that stupid. You'll get the whole acapella if you are one of the semifinalists in the contest. There are eight bars from each emcee and the BPM is stated in the title of the file name/song title. Once songs are submitted to us via email or ninjas, we will post them weekly on the website for the Universe to hear. On April 20th we will announce who has made it to the semifinals and send out the full acapellas.

The Rules:

1. You can do whatever you like. Any BPM, any style. Shit, if you want to throw a verse on the track as well, be our guest. Our celebrity judges represent a range of musical stylings: Ghostface Killah, Diplo, Low Budget, Spank Rock, Scottie B, Hot Chip, The Rub’s very own Cosmo Baker, Plastic Little and the all-knowing staff of Turntable Lab.

2. Save the audio files as an MP3, no larger than 4MB

3. No more then 3 submissions per entry

4. Submit by email (aka the Internets) to Please include you name, email address and phone number

Snail mail (aka not the Internet) can be sent to:

The Remix of The Remix of The Remix
She’s Mature
1026 Arch Street, 2nd Floor
Philadelphia PA 19107

The Pay Off:

1. First place, Grand Prize winner receives:
  • Serato software package (turntables and computer not included)
  • $100 credit at Turntable Lab
  • Winning track featured on the The Remix of The Remix album release for Fall 2007
  • A photo of your mom hanging out with Plastic Little

2. Second place, two winners:
  • $100 credit at Turntable Lab
  • Your track featured on the The Remix of The Remix album release for Fall 2007
  • A photo of your mom with the first place winner

3. Third place, four winners:
  • $50 credit at Turntable Lab
  • A photo of your mom
For inspiration, check out the just-released full-length Low Budget Immaturity Mixtape, available from the She’s Mature Bodega at It’s 12 bucks and that includes shipping and handling by a beeeeautiful, blonde intern…The mixtape is also available from our Turntable Lab homies at
We'll be following this and will post remixes as they come in. Good luck

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Wednesday, February 28, 2007

This is This - Alex Da Corte at ICA

You may remember Alex Da Corte from his imaginative "Welcome Your Sorrows" at the Black Floor Gallery. Well he is back with a new project entitled This is This debuting tonite on his birthday at the Institute of Contemporary Art. Party runs until 8PM and features Dave P djing. As you may be able to tell, the exhibit revolves around a deer. Photo credit PW, which has more on the artwork. Also playing are Plastic Little and Sweatheart with cover charge of a $1. Officially its sold out, but if you show up, you may be able to get in. Also at the ICA is the Daydreamer Magazine launch party featuring DJ Phillee Blunt from the Illvibe Collective. From their MySpace (where else?)
Daydreamer is a magazine that profiles people in their 20's and 30's who have taken exceptional risks, both professional and personal, in order to make their daydreams a reality, living the lives that they want to live. We're highlighting artists, social entrepreneurs, musicians, activists, anyone who has made a sizeable impact in actively shaping the world that they daydream about.
Seems interesting enough, Daydream magazine is scheduled to be a pilot as that most magazines tend to fail within the first two years.

Also tonite is last Wednesdays which means only one thing, Josh Wink and Ovum at Fluid. Get on the guestlist here for free admission.

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Friday, January 19, 2007

What it Do

Beats, check 'em out. Still recovering from last weekend, need some more Vitamin C. Will post crazy amounts of pictures by Monday, promise.

  • Until gone - %50 off sale at Pedestrian (252 South Street) on select brands.
  • EDIT:Philebrity reminded about an art opening tonight at ICA called "Locally Localized" featuring local galleries like Space 1026, Black Floor and more. Check this, its incredible.
  • Girl Talk at Johny Brendas with Plastic Little - Last time he played here was a random house party in South Philly. This time he gets written up in the Inquirer and the Philly Weekly. Needless to say tickets are sold out, I looked on Craigslist and there are only wanted tickets. When I saw him in LA, I found it to be a pretty good show seeing as he is just clicking on his computer every few minutes. First he brings all the girls on stage and then proceeds to jump around taking his shirt off waving it around like a helicopter. Just don't bother trying to pick out every sample he uses or your brain will overheat. Oh and maybe, just maybe you will be able to win tickets from Philebrity & R5 by 4:30. (I'm sure snarky emails will be rewarded)
  • Cage and friends at the Church (btw, if you haven't noticed Cage switched his style up and got signed to def jux)
  • Hands & Knees - Sparks fueled hipsters dance to Jhn Rdn and friends
  • AJ Ready Wright at 700 club cause who doesn't like 700?
  • Rave on with Double Vision and Unbirthday
  • Oh and BobSaget at the Tower Theater, have you seen the Aristocrats?
  • Beats and Rhymes - Reef the Lost Cause on the mic with all of his producers squaring off against one another. That bol emynd is in the competition so root for him.
  • Yurayura - House and techno with Bart Skils and the funkshun crew
  • Rowdy Send Off - At Medusa, DNB send off party for Nate Day and Steve Rea
  • Tech Support at Bubble House
  • Stakeout on Acid - Acid house and tech house at Upstairs at Sals
  • Dan the Swede & friends - New weekly at Upstairs at Sals (thanks Jawntronix for reminding me)

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Friday, December 29, 2006

What it Do: New Years Weekend

What up Party People? Another year gone by and I can't believe it already. Have fun and stay safe. Minnow is still open so stop by before they close for good.

New Years Eve

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Thursday, December 21, 2006

Plastic Little Crambodia Single

Plastic Little just released the Crambodia single record. Its available over at Turntable Lab.
Not only will the instrumental for "Crambodia(1)" help you gear up for the upcoming TTLab-sponsored Plastic Little remix project (shhhh…), but this single version also includes a guest spot from Spank Rock, as well as Ghostface and Amanda Blank, who were included on the album version. The beat is nice anyway, so it doesn't really matter who's on the track… okay, it does matter who's on the track, 'cause if Ghostface cosigns Plastic Little, shouldn't you give 'em a chance too? The man knows what he's talking about. Anyway, in addition to the dirty, clean and instrumental versions for "Crambodia," you also get dirty and clean versions of two album tracks: the dope, Cure-sampling (double shhh…) King Honey remix of "Get Close(2)" and the retro-futuristic space beatage of "Holla Plastique(3)."

TTLab-sponsored Plastic Little remix project??? Will find out more direct from the source. Holla at TTLab, listen to the 3 tracks they posted up and cop that for $7.
Previously: Video Shoot and Crambodia download

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Friday, December 08, 2006

Fashion Show Jump Off Tonight

Tonight check out this fashion show / open bar / music extravaganza / benefit / jump off. Performances from Miss Amanda Blank, Art Cuebik and DJ Siyoung. Doors at 9, Show at 10.

Got this from Kurt aka NBC from Plastic Little aka one half of Kinked Works.
This thang here is a fundraiser for our space at 311 Market street that will be the new office/studio of Kinked Works in the rear, and a boutique/gallery "Topstitch" in the front.
311 market st 2nd fl.

The designers include:
EZLM Originals
Kinked Works
Megan Sherry

holler at a ticket,$10 or pick them up at Honeymilk inside of Vagabond 37 N. 3rd Street (267-322-4057) tickets are $15 at the door.

Related: Plastic Little - The Jump Off

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Tuesday, December 05, 2006

White Tees White Belts!!

White Tees White Belts! We've been banging the drum for this party since forever. They've really hit the sweet spot with the Red Warehouse as this place is more packed each month. The warehouse was full until close. If you haven't read Seg's recap go do it now. It's hilarious and insightful into the sort of night you will have. I had no camera with me but no worries as we have hundreds of pictures up for you. Drink Moloko from NYC got it on lock with three albums. Check them here, here and here. More photos (more candid) from Yummygrl from NYC. Next month do not miss out, first Friday January 2007.

While Seg slept til dark, I woke up to go to the Plastic Little video shoot for "Club Banger". I'm pretty sure I'll be all up in that video and will post it as soon as I hear its finished. Lets just say it involves a club scene, drugs, pissing off bar patrons and dead people. Oh and the outside shot while normal people walked by was priceless.

emynd (white t's white belts) has officially retired schizophrenic tennant and has updated and graduated to Crossfaded Bacon. Since its launch he has dropped the next design in is his t-shirt line. Posted up a new mixtape dedicated to the killer tracks from skate videos of yore. Posted up photos from above and finally got back into his bread and butter of calling people racist discussing racism.

Download: Bangers & Hammers Vol. 1 (alt), get the tracklist and buy that ish.


Friday, December 01, 2006

What it Do : December First Friday 2006

I'm back just in time for First Friday. I see blue sky which I hope will hold up for awhile. The weather is ridiculously warm for the first of December. I'm energized and ready to go. Lets do this Philly.



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Plastic Little Video Shoot Tomorrow

Direct from a PaperStreet MySpace bulletin.
Plastic Little has got that new crack and they wanna share it. They are busy shooting their new video and there's thing in it that we in the bizness call a "club scene". I know, it's just some techincal jargon...but I'll explain it to you.
It's a scene which takes place in a club.
Got it?
Wanna be in it?
This Saturday, like tomorrow, be at Medusa at 20th & Chestnut Street at 4pm.

You'll just be an extra or something, but when they start showing the thing on MTV2 and you're all wasted you can grab your cat and be like , "Oh shit look!!".

Don't know what to wear? The esteemed video directors said something to the effect of, "Look fresh". If you don't know what fresh looks like, go google image it.
Shes Mature out now. Pick it up here with Too Black for BET, the Picture Disc or a just a single.

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Friday, October 20, 2006

What it Do

Yo, yo party peoples. Still no go on Level. I walked by the other day and they got popped for a whole bunch of different violations. Soon, soon, I swear. Once it does, its going to be some next level sort of stuff going down. Anyways, I'll post up more mp3s next week, I know I haven't done that in awhile. Lots of good stuff, just need to get it up here. So without further ado...

  • Vox Populi benefit with Plastic Little, Yah Mos Def and more. Vox is moving and you can help them by paying $10 to listen to music and drink Victory beer.
  • DJ Huggs direct from Montreal will be spinning at Sundays are the New Black $5

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Friday, October 13, 2006

What it Do: Friday the 13th!

Happy Friday the 13th! My favorite day of the year. Quite appropriate since its in October. Grand opening of Level this weekend is going to huge! Caps & Jones, Rod motherfukcing Lee, Juiceboxxx, Deluxxx, BBC. Can you tell I might be a little excited?

  • Scott Melker at Sundays are the New Black - $5 cover
    • Just back from Japan, about to go on tour with G. Love & Special Sauce, one half of DJ duo The CMB with Cosmo Baker, guest dj at Ruboween.
    • No fluff here, just great DJ's, week after week after week...

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Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Spank Rock the Troc

What an amazing show. Spank Rock and friends absolutely killed it. There was so much energy and so much quality music all in one venue. This should be the new traveling festival. Spank Rock and friends coming to a town near you to find all the Backyard Bettys, Bumping the speakers with plenty of bass.

Nouveau Riche opened up the show with a 25 minute set early in the night. You can check one of their live tracks at the bottom if you missed it. Contra, MIA's tour DJ, was up next playing plenty of booty shaking jams to get everyone hype for the rest of the night. Juiceboxxx was the first live performer and really set the tone for the night. His set was incredible. Straight out of Wisconsin, Juiceboxxx covered more square footage the rest of the night. He was on stage. He was in the crowd. He was at the back of the crowd. He climbed up the speakers and on to the balcony. He was everywhere. At the end he had everyone lay down and then jumped back up when the song banged again. This kid has so much heart and energy it was amazing.

Up next was Plastic Little. Jon Thousand, NBC and Pack of Rats kept things going as they normally do. Highlights include: Stunna glasses from CVS, Pack of Rats rolling around both stages, Driz Hollering and handing out beer to the crowd, Pack of Rats pouring a beer on his head and then singing the Whole New World section of Driz Hollering, using 3 mics at a time because 1 is never enough, Rats affection for Squid and all the usual P.Little antics. Sadly there was no Ghostface appearance but the album will be out as soon as they stop adding and tweaking tracks.

Tittsworth came on immediately after to keep the crowd bouncing with that Bmore club. The place was packed and wilding out and ready for Spank Rock. XXXchange stepped on stage and started setting up. Devlin and Darko stepped up and continued where Tittsworth left off. The drums from Love Peace Project started and the crowd cheered as Cool MC Disco Spank Rock stepped on stage. Far Left to What it Look Like, Chilly Will, Rick Rubin and more. The crowd sang and danced along to their favorite Spank Rock songs. BBC did their thing on the decks. Pase Rock kept things moving along. Next track to come along was Bump and out from the back came Amanda Blank to do her verse along with Rose from Sweatheart. The crowd went absolutely crazy when they came out and took over the stage. Classic Amanda Blank straight killing at and making the crowd go nuts. Amanda's disco ball boots were crazy as well, straight blinding me before she got on stage. After her verse, since Spankro put her on blast she called out Plastic Little to do Now I Holler. P. Little was hyped, bringing out their PBR and spitting their verses alongside Spank. The lower stage turned into a rowdy moshpit of P. Little, Rose, Amanda, Pase and Spank Rock. Darko came out next on the mic singing "Ass Titties Funky Ass and Titties" alongside Pase Rock which they modified from an old Five Deez song. Race Riot on the DanceFloor (Shake it til My Dick Turns Racist) absolutely kills everytime they play it and this was no exception. The lower stage turned into a dance floor as Spank Rock finished.

Deluxxx came up next and had a short set to segway into the godfather of Bmore club Rod Lee. Lee brought nothing but heat and brought out Spank Rock for a freestyle session. 2:30 the lights came on and the night was over. Shout out to Paper Street with support from Simplefly for putting the show on. dMarie Groundscore took 45 mins of footage and plenty of pictures and should have them up soon. Anthem Magazine had a photographer there so watch out for that. If you have pics or videos hit us up:

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Friday, September 22, 2006

What It Do - On Notice

Tonight is going to be E.P.I.C! Preview of the Matrix 12! Spank Rock. Plastic Little. Rod Lee. Tittsworth. Juiceboxxx. Deluxxx. Brendan. Nouveau Riche. Dave P/And Dim Sum dance party. Contra. 9PM jumpoff. Get it in. Just ignore the underground fires and manholes popping off. Nothing to see here.


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Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Spank Rock and Friends - Friday, September 22

Friday, September 22nd at the Trocadero in Philly. Two floors of music and party mayhem going from 9pm to 2am (if we don't tear the roof off the Troc first). You will be getting laid for years to come just by saying you were here. Tickets are on sale right now for only $10 for our "internets goin' nuts" pre-sale, they will be $20 soon if it doesn't sell out first. (Be careful about clicking the links to these dudes My Space pages below, your head might explode from awesome.) First person to purchase tickets and send us an email to with the subject "I'm emigrating to Canadia for My Couche-Tard" will win the latest Spank Rock mixtape Couche-Tard (available for pickup at the show).

The Line-Up Is....
This is the jump-off of the year, be there or be a nerd. But not even a sexy nerd. Grab your $10 tix now while you can. This is a 21 & up event. TIX AVAILABLE RIGHT NOW, RIGHT HERE: GRAB ME BABY I'M JUST TEN DOLLAHS


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Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Awesomness Renovations

Damn, when Jayson Musson mentioned some "some last minute awesomeness renovations" on Plastic Little's Shes Mature I never knew it would be this big. Direct from the Fader blog and Nick Catchdubs:
what else was left to be done? Get a Ghostface verse, of course. Freshly recorded She's Mature track "Crambodia" will feature the Wally Champ spitting alongside Plastic Little and pals Spankrock and Amanda Blank.

Consider my mind blown.


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Monday, August 14, 2006

Attracting Attention

Over at Vulture Droppings, Gyro Worldwide's "unusually incisive and occasionally cruel trendspotting weblog" (hey what an original idea, a website with a snarky attitude dedicated to new and upcoming things), there is an interview with Jayson Musson aka Pack of Rats from Plastic Little, American Sneakers and individual artist. Check it out for whats next for party rap, what happens if you party too much, indie folk music, why art school sucks and how to attract attention.

V: How do you get peoples' attention with words?
J: I start with a single word. "Irony" and "hipsters," say. These words are overused, and used to style an artist class, the new style bohemian. I tend to start with a loaded word or concept, then I'll throw in a lot of cultural and/or pop references. It will sometimes then degenerate into a kind of babble. At the end, I try to leave people hanging. I just did an American Sneakers poster that starts off saying we're doing a show, and that we're asking for donations. Then midway I say that Padlock Gallery is cooler than your single uncle Bill who will never get married in this lifetime. "Women just slow you down, boy," said Bill last year at Christmas dinner. "Uncle Bill is the shit," you think to yourself as you look over the table at your father who has become a mashed potato version of a man in recent years. And then it goes back to a normal flyer: American Sneakers are playing, Corndog is playing, and then the last line says "CAMBODIA!" I'm not really t rying to make sense. Once you're free from that you can go anywhere. I guess it frees me up from any responsibility to any one audience.

Plastic Little's She's Mature "is supposed to come out the 1st of september, but may come out a week later, due to some last minute awesomeness renovations." Turntable Lab has The Jump Off 12", Low Budget Mega Mix of She's Mature (for free) and their original EP Thug Paradise.
More: Plastic Little, American Sneakers CIA, Jayson Musson.


Friday, August 11, 2006

What it Do: Go Outside

  • Outdoor block pary Sundae party jam at Bubble House 3 -9 No Cover. Saketinis
  • Plastic Little, Big Digits, Howards Dilemma and Julian S Process at Sals on 12th (12th and Sansom) $5
  • Sundays are the new black are free with Dirty South Joe aka Deluxxx aka one half of The Trilladelphians - Walnut Room - 1709 Walnut

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Thursday, August 03, 2006

Plastic Little Tonite with Triangle Forest

Get it in with Plastic Little and Triangle Forest tonite for $5. No Mahi Mahi.

Show starts at 8, will end by 11 so you can do the 700 thing, or Hustlemania or the J Dilla tribute night at 5 spot.

Related: Space1026, Plastic Little, Triangle Forest

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Thursday, July 06, 2006

Roxy Radio

Ms. Oxy Cottontail now has streaming music on her site with Roxy Radio. The number one song is of course Oxy's Anthems. Roxy Radio is currently sporting 17 tracks from the likes of Spank Rock, Camp Lo, Cuiziner, Weezy, Jeezy, Plastic Little, Scottie B and more.

Listen to it here


Thursday, June 01, 2006

Future Party

Plastic Little is busy readying their new album Shes Mature which will be out soon. Check this clip for Future Party which was cut from the album.

Out now is The Jumpoff 12" featuring The Jumpoff accapella, dirty, clean and Krash remix. On the B side is Now I Holler featuring production from Diplo. Get it at Turntable Lab


Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Blessing in Disguise

If it's late at night, and you've been drinking, and can't remember where you parked your car, it might be one of them... blessings in disguise. No, don't get your friends to help you comb the streets looking for it, this is a divine sign from God that you should not attempt to get into or operate any heavy machinery. Also, let me tell you that saying, "All you can hope is that in 30 minutes I'm sober enough to drive," is not a particularly comforting statement to the person you intend to drive home. Or, anybody else.

Not having a car myself, none of this is a problem for me. And even if I did, it wouldn't even occur to me to drive anywhere inebriated because I'm originally from Connecticut. A state where driving anywhere at 2 AM is enough incriminating evidence for a cop to legally pull you from the window of your car and choke you into unconsciousness with a baton.

Anyways, my solution to getting home is much more eloquent:
Just think about it. Everyone has a friend who lives in the city. They won't mind if you sleep on the couch.
You might mind. But probably not until morning.

Speaking of which. Have you ever been walkin around in the cool breeze of a warm summer day. Green trees, golden rays of sunlight, that good stuff. And then. You wake up half naked, stuck to a plastic sweaty couch with bits of broken glass hiding in your flesh? This means it's morning, you're no longer intoxicated, and you're now fully capable of making good decisions again. Your first one can be getting the fuck home.

Walking through Philadelphia, past the art museum, during sunrise is probably one of the best ways to start any day. Of course, normally, I wouldn't have little specks of glass in between my toes from the shattered candle that mysteriously took a suicide plunge into the couch last night. But, its still a pretty nice walk. Except, I feel slightly delinquent, seeing as everyone else at this time of day seems to be awake solely for the purpose of walking their dog. Having no dog (being dogless) elicits wary glances from passing strangers.

Oh, and it could be the fact that I'm limping a little, and my face probably looks like its been kicked in by the grill of a freight train.
It could be that.

- Seg


Tuesday, May 23, 2006

New from Minnow

Check out the new arrivals at Minnow on 6th and Bainbridge.

  • New graf book from KR covering his career in photography, graffitti, creator of Krink and more.

  • Another graf book from Also Known As brought to you by the infamous 12oz prophets

  • Finally, ladies Kinked Works is now available at Minnow. Who is Kinkedworks?
    Kylie and Kurt, Kurt and Kylie, Kinkedworks, or just plain Kinked is what you can call this slightly prolific operation comprised of 2 part time workaholics, part time bff's, and part time pimps with art school bfa's. We work much, and when work is fun, it doesn't matter what you're doing because you'll always enjoy it, right? So, we have lots of fun, and sometimes we even yell, because this is all just so fun...

    You may also know Kurt as NBC (No Body's Child) from Plastic Little who happen to have a single coming out soon along with an album in stores in June.

  • Link

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    Tuesday, May 16, 2006

    11 hour marathon

    Its Saturday night about 9:21 PM. I'm waiting in anticipation for the Plastic Little, Rubbed Raw & Pyramid Skeem show to start at Pageant Gallery. The MySpace bulletin said an 8PM start, but its a DIY show at an art gallery. Should I seriously expect them to start on time? I did, or at least close to on time. I had been running around South street grabbing something to eat. I was going to stop at Lorenzos but the line was out the door. Random pizza place two has no one in line so thats fine for tonight. Next up is Philadeli for 16oz yuengling cans. So here I am sitting outside with beer in hand hidden in a paper bag because the owners were worried about open containers. Minus the beer it reminds me of punk shows from when I was in high school. Hark! I hear "Check 1, Check 2." Finally, its almost time.

    Inside its hipsters, dance moves, skateboards & 80's fashion like whoa. I'll just continue drinking for now. First up is Pyramid Skeem and the TKO Method. Track after track is a series of steps to make you him rich. The show was incredibly energetic and he kept up the act the whole time with a full business suit, sterotypical step by step plans, a few actual business jewels spattered in and the all important step 3 of buying the album.

    Up next is Jazzy Jess spinning some Bmore club etc. Honestly its just making me more anxious to get to Metro. Theres some good tracks. People dancing etc.

    Up next was Rubbed Raw with their eclectic electronic/bmore/hipster hop etc. No joke the members are DJ Dogdick, Big Daddy Nugg & Lil Crissy. It was a really interesting show. They were incredibly into the show. Bouncing around in the crowd, after urging the crowd up as close as possible to the front. I enjoyed the show, but between the poor sound quality (just turn it down when it starts to sound bad) and me being too anxious, I ended up leaving before Plastic Little even went on. As I was leaving, I'm not sure what was going on but there was a good portion of the group and crowd on the floor. I would definitely go to another show, hopefully next time there will be better sound quality. Fonk was there and in the same boat so we headed to Metro.

    We arrive at Metro in time as NYC club queen Oxy Cottontail was just about to go on. Ms. Cottontail was rocking a dope denim jacket but the picture doesn't do it justice. It was a classic Oxy set with club tracks and more for the downstairs to rock to. We head upstairs and the main room is packed. Brendan is on and spinning at his own birthday party. Lix is doing his thing in his custom Eagles jersey. Aaron LaCrate is up next. As expected he's killing it on the decks. The crowd is going crazy dancing their asses off. Debonair is pulling double duty and MCing. LaCrate is dropping exclusive tracks and rocking a 2 Live Crew shirt. Debonair Samir is up next and drops some exclusive tracks of his own including Throw It Up and LaCrate's Oxy Anthems. The lights come on and the owner comes telling Brendan and Low Bee to cut the music. They agree saying they're just going to play one more track and end up dropping 4 more. Its 2:20 and the bouncers are getting anxious as the music fades out.

    Listen to Brendan as he breaks down the night as the bouncers are kicking people out.

    It's only 2:30 so its on to the after party. Word of advice, when leaving a club at this time, its not a good idea to walk down the street breaking bottles. I'm not saying I did this but rather a certain G. Cops don't seem to take well to this. Luckily he only cared enough to yell obscenities out the passenger side window. In talking with said ociffer, G tilted back and forth between Fuck tha police and I don't want to piss this dude off too much. On our short walk to Transit for Making Time, steel reserves and small bottles of alcohol seemed to quickly disappear.

    We're inside and its typical Making Time: three levels of drunk dancing. More birthday celebrations with that girl Sara. Add more drinking, dancing, pillow fights, pictures and its 3:30.

    After the afterparty its the late night party in a section of Fishtown that I'm unfamiliar with. More drinks, Youth Suicide Fantasy and all of a sudden its light out. So I'm in random Fishtown area. Lets see, I think we came from this way. The streets are empty. Continue with "educated" guesses to get home and eventually I end up at an El station hours later. Needless to say I was walking the completely wrong way but ended up making it home early morning. On my way home I pass by Love park and there is a band playing at 8AM. Hmmm. No time to really process this so its time to crash.

    Long night, long post. Check the pics

    Bonus mp3's:
    Pyramid $keem - Semina

    Pyramid $keem - Organizing Priorities

    Pyramid $keem - The Anatomy of a Pyramid Skeem (dope sample)


    Sunday, March 12, 2006

    Hipster Haven

    Alright, I'll admit it. I planned on going out and catching Free Hip Hop or Plastic Little. Instead I met up with some friends and went to a couple different bars playing darts, drinking 1/2 yard beers and not seeing hipsters or hip hop. At 1:30 I had already apparently had too many beers and caved in. I went to Pure for Making Time.

    I got there too late and missed Hot Chip but the djs had the two story club packed and dancing. Since I was already there I planned on blending in by drinking Sparks but alas they had already run out probably during the open bar at the beginning of the night. The next obvious choice would be PBR but I resisted, in fact I actually ran the other way with Lager in hand. I'm not a Pure regular and don't remember if I made it there when it was 2-4 Club so I decided to check out the rest of club. The main floor was completely packed. From there I headed upstairs and found another dance floor, dj booth, Transit basement holy walls and plenty of open space overlooking the dance floor. While upstairs I kept running into people. Kev1 was dancing. Angelo Yap was there and took a number of pictures. Hollertronix fam was there celebrating Amanda Blank's birthday and Jayson Musson rolled in after his show. Somehow I ended up taking pictures of these girls who decided to be scandalous. To the boy who handed me his card (twice) I appreciate your subtlety and the implied compliment but I don't swing that way, not that there is anything wrong with that. All in all it was well worth the time.

    On a sidenote is Pure moving in on Transit's dominance of the club scene? Pretty much every other Making Time has been held at Transit. The Burial will be there this Thursday. These parties have usually been the domain of Transit. I have to admit I did enjoy the setup of the club. Transit basement does easily edge out the upstairs DJ area. The overlook area at Pure is a definite plus. The main floor of Pure I think edges out Transit though. Transit was a bank at one time and the elongated skinny design can be a negative at times. We'll have to wait and see on this one. There is a new club opening up soon which may completely change the clubbing landscape but we'll have to wait and see on that as the details are thin on this one.

    Check out the pictures here and Angelo's pictures here.

    UPDATE:Oxy was down and took pictures as well. Check them here


    Thursday, March 09, 2006

    Tell me Where to Go

    This one is easy, Low Budget is Back in town so the 700 Club is usually the place to be. Well tonight its going to be crazy. 1.)Its Amanda Blank's birthday. Get um girl (Happy Birthday) 2.)Special Oscar dedication set to Three 6 Mafia. 3.)Anniversary of Biggie's passing (9 years, wow that long already?) so a special tribute set will be in the mix as well. Just call in sick now, you don't need to go into work/school Friday.

    Hmm...Hipsters or Hip Hop? Can't quite decide.

    AndDimSum presents the finale of Cootie Shot at Silk City with "double dare, admiral asparagus, gordon bombay, ranger rad on the tables with live musical guest Plastic Little."

    Free Hip Hop is back at Blue Horseshoe with Mental Sharp and live band Yellowbrain

    Oh,yeah, there is something called Making Time at Pure Nightclub with some group named Hot Chip. Don't forget the requisite open bar from 9 - 11 with PBR and Sparks of course.


    Drinking starts before 12, everyone pretends they're Irish and you get to pretend like you're in high school again while riding on the free bus between 16 different bars. You'll appreciate this more at 4:30 when you start at 11 and drink copious amounts of Guiness, Harp, Smithwicks and Jameson.

    Rest up cause its Saturday again. There is this thing at this place. Its been poppin off and the whole team is back for a full court press. You should already know cause its official. Its at Metro (Front and Fairmount), its $3 Jameson til 12 and $3 lagers all night. Be there or be square and remember no one likes a square.


    The Harlem Globetrotters are back in town at the Wachovia.

    Check the map if you need directions