Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Tambourine Dream Promo Video

I hate teh Internets sometimes. I want to fucking post this YouTube video but I can't for the life of me copy the embed code, so for right now (and I mean for the next week or so). You're going to have click this link. Its totally worth it. Cousin cousin cole and Pocketknife are releasing Tambourine Dream a series of folk remixes on CD and vinyl. Let me just say that the vinyl cover looks beyond incredible, like Lucas with the lid off incredible. Its like off the hook but on a whole different level.

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Thursday, June 21, 2007

New from Pocketknife

Just got this brand new remix from Pocketknife (one half of Flagrant Fowl with Cousin Cole). Its a remix of White Magic's "The Gypsies Came Marching After." Honestly, that doesn't mean anything to me but the track is hot. Wikipedia tells me that White Magic is a "folk rock group from Brooklyn, NY headed by Mira Billote". This makes total sense as the next release from Flagrant Fowl will be a "forthcoming mix CD Tambourine Dream, which will feature 17 or 18 Flagrant Fowl remixes of folk songs new & old." Flagrant Fowl - flipping folk to blog house, hahaha, maybe not that funny. Enjoy
Pocketknife, FlagrantFowl, Cousin Cole

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Thursday, June 14, 2007

More Bounce and Free CD's

Some of you loyal readers may remember when I used to do posts of 10 tracks at a time. It was like Chrismakwanakah etc all in one post. I stopped because it wasn't regular and would wait to post until I had enough. Well, today is special. If you're still reading this, I have Bonde Do Role "Sola O Frango" and A Trak - Dirty South Dance CD's to give away. The first two people to email 5151List[at]gmail{dot}com with subject "Dirty South Role" with the answer to the following questions will receive both free:

What bone did Marina break while on tour last year?
2.)What is the name of the label that A Trak started with Nick Catchdubs?
Whew. Support the artists, buy their music and book them at shows or see them play.

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Friday, March 23, 2007

Cousin Cole & Pocketknife EP: Tougher Than Featherz

Cousin Cole and Pocketknife present Flagrant Fowl 002 "Tougher Than Featherz". We've been continually impressed with Cousin Cole's remixes and mixes and this batch of remixes is no different. You should recognize "Atlantic Records, TI Clearance" right away as this was everywhere way back when all we had was a leaked version of "My Love". Continuing with the rnb flips, there are not 1 but two remixes of Kell's "Ignition". Pocketknife introduces the Pied Piper to Tone Loc with great success on "Wyld Ignition Thang". Meanwhile Cousin Cole's "Ignition Remix Remix" is a Bmore club floor filler that will make you bounce, bounce, bounce. For all the rock fans out there I've heard Jesus & The Mary Chain are reforming, well Couin Cole has brought them to the dance floor with his "Just Like Honey". For these two I'll let Pocketknife explain them "The rework of Suicide's "Ghost Rider" feels like something Carl Craig could have created. On "She's the Star," Pocketknife takes one of Arthur Russell's more subdued cello and voice compositions back to the disco." Listening to all seven tracks and knowing the M.O. of this blog, you would already know that "Bam a Lam" is my favorite track. Cole remixes Ram Jam's "Black Betty" into a Bmore banger that has been killing it in the hands of Scottie B, Cosmo Baker, Sinden and Catchdubs. All in all a fine, fine product that is limited to only 600 vinyl copies. Get yours quick because I heard they're selling fast. PS. You already heard "Bam a Lam" and "Just Like Honey" right?.

Buy Tougher Than Featherz at Turntable Lab

Cousin Cole Space, Pocketknife Space, FlagrantFowl.net

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Wednesday, February 14, 2007

My Love

(Image courtesy of EuroRoss)
If I wrote you a symphony...Call me candle guy cause I am on fire.
Way too much Justin Timberlake. I never thought I would find myself liking Justin Timberlake so much. For all the ladies that don't have dates on this Valentines and wish they did, just close your eyes and listen to My Love.
I'm not big on Valentine's Day, the over commercialization of one of the most beautiful essences of existence. Treat your partner like everyday is Valentine's day and let them know they're loved everyday.
Meanwhile, I'm sitting here all sentimental at relationships gone by. My first love, my current love is music. She has always been there for me and always will be. She comforts me, keeps me warm and keeps me going. Without her I don't think I would be here.
So without further ado:
Don't forget about The Love Movement - Art collective formerly based in Philly.

UPDATE: Thanks to Justin for pointing out that the last threee links didn't work, they do now.
Two links I forgot to mention but wanted to (well 3)

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Friday, December 29, 2006

What it Do: New Years Weekend

What up Party People? Another year gone by and I can't believe it already. Have fun and stay safe. Minnow is still open so stop by before they close for good.

New Years Eve

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Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Happy Halloween

Its Halloween for real tonite and we'll be baalllin! at the Bellevue Hotel top floor club XIX with Soul Travelers Orchestra, Grey Kid and just added Lucas Rivera straight from Mojito. Guestlist here but you better hurry up.

Couple more tracks for to get your Halloween bouncing:


Tuesday, October 17, 2006

October Monthly Mix Winner

The Low Budget monthly mix winner is Cousin Cole. Back again with a killer mix this time highlighting Marley Marl.

Marlon Williams (born September 30, 1962 in Queens, New York City), better known as Marley Marl, is an influential hip-hop producer. He was the house producer of the Juice Crew, which included (in addition to him): Big Daddy Kane, Biz Markie, Roxanne Shanté, Kool G Rap, MC Shan (his cousin) and Masta Ace, and produced songs for outside artists including King Tee and LL Cool J. He was also an important figure in the careers of Eric B. & Rakim, producing their first hits "My Melody" and "Eric B Is President", mixing James Brown samples and synthetic beats in a fashion previously unheard of. Marley Marl was one of the pioneers of sampling in hip-hop. He debuted as an electro producer, but his records became more sample heavy, as can be seen by comparing the MC Shan LPs Down By Law (1987) and Born to be Wild (1988). The rhythms became less electronic, with drum machines becoming less prominent. Marl started his career working for Tuff City records. He debuted with his own track called "DJ Cuttin" in 1985, released under the pseudonym NYC Cutter. In 1994 Marley Marl was referenced on Biggie Smalls' track "Juicy" as being one of his early influences.

Def Fresh Crew intro
Terminators - Forever Dis
MC Shan - Beat Biter
Steady B - I Took Your Radio
MC Shan - MC Space
Craig G - Shout
Steady B - Get Physical
Biz Markie - Make the music with your mouth
Kool G Rap & DJ Polo - It's a Demo
Superkids - Live at Hip Hop USA (over Spoonie Gee - Take it off beat)
Eric B & Rakim - Eric B is President
Big Daddy Kane - Get into it
Big Daddy Kane - Long live the Kane
Kool G Rap & DJ Polo - Road to the Riches
Master Ace - Music Man
Roxanne Shante - Brothers ain't shit
Big Daddy Kane - Raw
Kool G Rap & DJ Polo - Cars
Craig G - Turn this house into a home
Roxanne Shante - Wack it
Cousin Cole - Marley Mix

Previously: Cousin Cole Mix

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Wednesday, October 04, 2006

New Mix from Cousin Cole

New live mix straight from Cousin Cole. Purveyor of the much blogged about Atlantic Records, TI Clearance track and Flagrant Fowl Records. Check the link for a link to Chicken Moose Rhino Monkey an incredible mix of Alice Deejay and Project Pat. Oh and here is part two.

Needless to say, Cousin Cole has been coming with hot tracks continulously, so holler at him to book him in your city. So without further ado, Cousin Cole Live Mix September.

Check it out. All live, no edits. Here's the tracklisting:
t raumschmiere / monstertruckdriver
killer mike / akshon (acapella)
outkast / the whole world
the egg / walking away (tocadisco mix)
freeform five / no more conversations (mylo mix)
mylo / drop the pressure
da musicianz / gyrate
shadows of knight / shake
ying yang twinz f. pitbull / shake (acapella)
ying yang twinz f. pitbull / shake
tiga / you gonna want me
soulwax / ny lipps
christopher and raphael just / popper (fox & wolf version)
zongamin / bongo song
three 6 mafia / stay fly (acapella)
cousin cole / bam a lam
cousin cole / chicken moose rhino monkey (part 2)
cousin cole / in the park
cousin cole / dance to the music
tomas andersson / happy happy
k-life / pussy da bomb (acapella)
scottie b & king tutt / african chant
rod lee / dance my pain away (acapella)
foremost poets / besides myself (dj spen mix)
aly-us / follow me
daft punk f. romanthony / too long
jesus & mary chain / just like honey (cousin cole mix)