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Friday: Bnna Clps at Adobe Cafe & Nominated in Urb

December 8th, 2010 · No Comments

wknd dec BNNACLPSDEC Friday: Bnna Clps at Adobe Cafe & Nominated in Urb

Bnna Clps is back at Adobe Cafe this Friday.

Deciding to do BNNA CLPS in a giant boxing arena for Halloween was nothing short of awesome but I couldn’t shake the feeling that I was forgetting someone. Kind of like that feeling Kevin McCallister’s Mom got in Home Alone when she realizes that she totally left her son in Chicago…but way worse.

This month I’m proud to announce that we’re bringing it back to one of America’s….no wait…one of the world’s premier dance clubs – upstairs at Adobe Cafe. Lush carpets, stained glass mirrors, low ceilings and a dance floor carved by The King of Jeans himself. Suck it Pacha!

The accolades keep coming in as Bnna Clps has been nominated by Urb as the best party in the US.  Go vote now and vote often!

Banana Clips
Sammy Slice, Cool Hand Luke & Luis Angel Cancel
Friday, December 10th
Door by Jacci Stallone
$5/$7 After 12

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Friday: Bnna Clps above Adobe Cafe in South Philly

May 26th, 2010 · 1 Comment

bnnaclps may 2010 Friday: Bnna Clps above Adobe Cafe in South Philly

Sammy Slice and Cool Hand Luke return this Friday with Bnna Clps, a dance party for South Philadelphia!  If you haven’t been yet to the upstairs at Adobe Cafe (1919 East Passyunk, Passyunk and Mifflin), the venue is a large 50’s ballroom.  It’s great.  $5 at the door, free Colt 45 and cheap drinks all night.

Bnna Clps
Friday, May 28th
Sammy Slice & Cool Hand Luke
Upstairs at Adobe Cafe
1919 E. Passyunk (Passyunk & Mifflin)
$5, free Colt 45

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Tonight: Sammy Slice & Cool Hand Luke In South Philly

March 26th, 2010 · 1 Comment

south philly sammy slice tuphace Tonight: Sammy Slice & Cool Hand Luke In South Philly

Sammy Slice & Cool Hand Luke take Mo Money No Problems Thursdays on the road down to South Philly for Banana Clips tonight upstairs at Adobe Cafe (1919 East Passyunk).  There is free Colt45 and it’s $5 all night.  Plus there is this totally rad video on Facebook.

Banana Clips
Friday March 26
Sammy Slice & Coolhand Luke
Upstairs at Adobe Cafe
1919 E Passyunk

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Watch for Pedestrians Crossing

July 6th, 2008 · 2 Comments

BLOG TOP Watch for Pedestrians Crossing

Pedestrian, the one of a kind, Philly born, men’s boutique has appropriately, crossed the street. They are now located at 526 S. Third St. between Makos and S&J cigar shop. Their decor and layout has a completely different feel from the O.G., creating any man’s dream…complete with black walls, a lounge area with a flatscreen tv and a huge leather couch. Add some of the best streetwear that you can find in Philly and what man can resist? Rumor has it that a half pipe is in the works for the back alley area and a DJ booth for the front window……now if only they started selling womens clothes, and only played episodes of “America’s Next Top Model,” I think I’d never leave!!

for more info….check out the blog, of course:

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30 Foot Tall Dollar Bin Jams

December 13th, 2007 · No Comments

This is so ridiculous its awesome.

Sexy Beau Bridges and Joy Harmon in Village Of The Giants a spoofy movie where a gang of juvenile delinquents ingest a substance and grow to 30 ft tall, then proceed to take over a small town. directed by Bert I. Gordon (based on a novel written by H.G. Wells) , music by Jack Nitzsche with an appearance by The Beau Brummels, choregraphy by Toni Basil. This track by Jack Nitzsche, called The Last Race, is also featured on Quentin Tarantino’s last movie soundtrack : Death Proof 2007).

I swear 30 foot Joy Harmon wasn’t the only reason I posted this.Dollar Bin Jams Where Are You? You’re my only hope.
Speaking of Dollar Bin Jams, Mike T is opening up his own vintage record and clothing store where you too can buy dollar bin jams. SweetJane will be located at 1724 E. Passyunk. Opening reception is this Friday from 7 – 10 PM and includes complimentary spirits and sound waves from Shawn Ryan, Billy W and Kyle [M]. Look a flyer.

Learn more about Village of the Giants at PCLinkDump

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4th on Fourth

October 24th, 2007 · No Comments

PW4thon4thAd 769481 4th on Fourth

4th on Fourth begins on October 24th, and takes place every 4th Wednesday of the month from 6 to 8PM. Establishments will stay open late, some offering wine & snacks, along with music, art, workshops and special discounts. This monthly event is free and open to the public.

Stop by Revelations Boutique (711 S. 4th) tonight from 6 – 8 and receive 20% off of your purchase.

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Secret Service Confiscates Art Installation

September 19th, 2007 · No Comments

1588imagery money money mon 764345 Secret Service Confiscates Art InstallationBe careful who you add on MySpace as the proprietors of Bobo’s art gallery in South Philadelphia found out.

The window… complete with one-sided photocopies of dollars in numerous denominations. One afternoon the window drew an inquiry from a gentleman who “wished to purchase the piece”, the proprietors of Bobo’s thought this was odd but made an appointment with the gentleman anyways.
On the appointed day the gentleman was back with no less then eight other gentlemen, members of the secret service, who told Drew, Nick, and Phil to put their hands in the air. The secret service men came bearing files, thick with photocopies from each of the artist’s myspace pages. The window display was confiscated.

The rest of the gallery is still intact so be sure to check Bobo’s out at 1134 South 9th Street.

Full Story at AitAoMR

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“Places Mutherfucking Casi G has eaten”

August 8th, 2007 · 2 Comments

This is gonna be a new segment I write called…

“Places Mutherfucking Casi G has eaten”

4087069 md “Places Mutherfucking Casi G has eaten”

Basically its gonna be a really salty guide to places I have eaten in Philadelphia that are really real. So basically I am so tired of eating Cheese Steaks and pizza and shit like that, that I am always trying to find restaurants that don’t serve that shit and fit into my budget (el cheapo). So lets do this, and soon I am gonna nerd out on this shit and like figure out how to google maps these places and have places where you can comment. Also I am gonna try and code them to areas of the city. Shit is kinda blogcore but whatever, I just threw on this Iron and Wine track an am feeling like I need to make my mark on the world. Don’t talk to me about this in the real world.

So I try to make it a rule that I never go to South Philly. Like I have no business ever being there, ever. Everytime I go I just feel out of place since I don’t eat pretzels, don’t watch the Phillies, and don’t listen to WMMR. So like a week ago I wake up on the floor of my apartment naked completely dehydrated after sweating for 8 hours and am like this is a perfect day to go to the Italian Market and get breakfast and some Draino. So I call up Dan and we decide to ride down there and get some shit to eat. I basically am thinking I am going to Pats at 12:30 since I don’t know shit else about that area. But we show up and there are like a shit load of cafes on Christian street. So of course we decide to go to the one that has the most fixed gears hanging off a tree near by and it happens to be “Sabrina’s Café” on 910 Christian.

So we walk up and first it’s really awkward. We walk into the first room and it’s really dark, kind of like this blue dark room that is really noisy. I was so not having that shit. So I ask the waitress if we can sit outside which I find out is a 20 min wait and we should just sit in the dark room. Now I am not having that. Like when I go out I am paying for an experience. I want it all and yes that means, coffee, water, juice and for my ass not to be sitting in the dark. Then I start to look around and I see my South Philly indy peoples. I think they are a little more raw then the north sider’s because they were seriously representing them bad tattoos like it was no joke. And that angle haircut? How do you eat your food with that shit.

So the waitress eventually takes us into the other room and its like night and day in that place. I seriously walked out of some dudes basement in to the country bumpkin roadside café in Vermont. Shit was on some yuppie extremist you are not in Philly but straight chilaxking in Maine and you would smoke a blunt but your like 33 now. I loved it. We sat in this raised table that had a family to the right hanging with there kid and we could look at the whole spread of the restaurant. This is always the best since I always want to see what other people are eating and talk shit about them aka figure out what the fuck they are up to.

So its on and our waitress comes over and gets our order. Dan got some Mexican eggs and blue corn thing which is so what ever. So I had to go crazy and order this crazy ass French toast with cheese in it. But while we are sitting there the waitress for the indy side comes over to the yuppie side and it just absolutely floored me. I couldn’t talk about anything else after that. She straight up had some line drawing tattoos, a small round oval face, black hair, tight hair cut, and had a pair of jeans on. She basically looked like my favorite indy girl trainwreck waiting to happen. I found out her name was Kirby and the shit was on. Well really I just talked a bunch of shit about talking to her but I never manned up. Instead I eat almost all my food until I felt like I was going to throw up cause there was so much food. Then the check came and for the food it was really well priced for the area. So I think I hit the girl with a 22% tip cause I was feeling really real and shit just tied my morning together. Before we left Kirby walked by me and I asked her for more coffee and she said she would be right back with it. So I thought this was my time I am gonna holler at her but instead this other girl comes back and I tell her I actually don’t want any more. On the way out we ended up running into Kid Blends sitting there with his girl and this really dope pair of neon Nikes on. Shit was crucial.

Google maps

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