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Garces to Open Food Truck

May 12th, 2010 · No Comments

products jarritos Garces to Open Food Truck

Iron Chef Garces (Amada, Chifa, Distrito, Garces Trading Post etc) has just bought a food truck!

at Chifa, he beamed over his acquisition of an existing truck that formerly operated in Brooklyn. “We’re gonna have some fun,” he said. “It’s going to have Jarrito bottle caps all over it … lots of character for sure.” We’re hearing that the menu will consist of largely traditional tacos and Jun Aizaki, who put together all of Garces’ restaurants, is on board to design the truck, too. There’s no firm timeline on this yet, but Garces said wants get familiar with social media tools like Twitter to get the word out on the truck’s whereabouts

So excited. Haven’t made it to Don Memo yet, but Honest Toms was great!

via Meal Ticket

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Bobby’s Burger Palace Opening In Philly

January 6th, 2010 · No Comments

bobbys burger palace logo Bobbys Burger Palace Opening In Philly

Bobby Flay announced earlier today on Twitter that the fifth location of his casual burger joint, Bobby’s Burger Palace will be right here in Philly. Bobby’s Burger Palace will be the third Iron Chef Owned restaurant in Philadelphia and will have a target opening date in early spring of this year.

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Chabaa Thai Bistro Spicy Contest

February 20th, 2009 · No Comments

chabaa2009spicycontest Chabaa Thai Bistro Spicy Contest

Probably not the smartest contest to enter, but if you drink hot sauce like I do, its a must.   (No seriously, I find foods to put Sriracha on and practically drink it.)  Go to Chabaa Thai Bistro in Manayunk from now until March 1st to qualify for the finals.  From what I gathered last night, pick an entree and then select how many stars you would like.  10 stars is the lowest, while 50 stars is the highest.  From there they pick the top 10 contestants who were able to eat the hottest food.  The final event is a 4 course meal served on March 11th at 6PM.

I went last night with friends and chose Gaeng Keaw Wan (green curry) at 50 stars.  The food was hot, really hot both temperature and spice level when it came out.  I’m a bit surprised myself, but I was able to eat the whole dish.  For fun, I even decided to drink the curry at the end.   When it first hit, it was hot, but I ignored the heat, what I couldn’t ignore was the heat as it went into my stomach.  I could feel it burn from my mouth all the way to my stomach.  I was able to keep my cool and even only had maybe 2 bites of rice, my nose did start running a bit, my face was red but overall I was calm and collected.  One other person at the table decided to try the contest and ordered Pad Krapao (spicy basil) as these were the two hottest dishes naturally.  My companion was a bit more vocal about how hot it was.  She was still able to finish most of the dish, even though I did eat a good portion.  The other members of the table were all a bit incredulous at how hot it actually was, that is until they decided to try the dishes.  In retrospect I most likely should have ate more rice because as soon as my meal was done, my stomach felt like it had an open fire in it.  I was radiating heat, this lasted through the night and I still have residual effects nearly 20 hours later.  This contest is not for the weak.  Chabaa is only a few blocks from the train so there is no need to drive to Manayunk.  Catch the R6 to Norristown.  On your way stop by Cresson Inn for takeout beer and their 1.50 shots of Christian Brothers Brandy.  Despite being a dive bar, the takeout prices are a bit steep.  A 6 pack of Yuengling cans is $8, while a 6 pack of Corona bottles is $10.

Chabaa Thai Bistro

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Profile of Jamaican Jerk Hut

June 5th, 2008 · No Comments

Dope spot at 15th and south, also featured in In Her Shoes (the wedding scene). They have lots of fun outside events in the summer including live music and movies. The bar at 15th and Bainbridge is a little pricey if you need a quick 6 pack but its close. You’re better off bringing your own cooler, snag your table then have someone go order the food. Or bring a bottle of wine guys for a “cute” date. Coming soon from us a profile of there and their live music. Side note, if you want some place to kick back a few beers, it’s a great place to do it outside, just remember it is a family jawn so be respectful.

Philly Chefs: Jamaican Jerk Hut

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Tacconellis – An Insider’s Guide to Ordering

March 21st, 2008 · No Comments

taconelllis 737175 Tacconellis   An Insiders Guide to OrderingAh, Tacconellis. Forget showing up here and ordering a slice at 3 am or stumbling through your cheesesteak order by saying with instead of wit or god forbid anything but Souf Philly English. It also has been named one of the best pizza places in the US. takes us on a step by step process of ordering your dough and sitting through the terrible service for the holy grail of pizza.

2. Always over-order. My Aunt Diane is crazy: She reserves about one pie per person when making a reservation. But there is a method to her madness: You always come home with leftovers, and unlike some other pizzas, Tacconelli’s is the gift that keeps on giving… Besides, Tacconelli’s is like drugs: There’s nothing worse than running out before you feel like you’ve had enough. How to order at Tacconellis, Tacconellis Pizzeria

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Cobre Restaurant & Bar

August 13th, 2007 · 8 Comments

4thstreetbirds%28web%29 Cobre Restaurant & Bar
Photo from Emulsion Emotion

So like I’m a big dude. I mean I eat, alot, over a long period of time, repeatedly. For a while I only ate soup all three meals to lose some weight which worked but then I got lazy and started studying every night so I ate real food again. So with all my weight loss I decided it was time to get a one speed since I was transitioning from my Mt Airy Granola ten speed Mountain Bike into my totally grown and sexy mid 80’s racing wheels Peugeot. So the first week I had my bike I left it outside my house and some one stole the front tire. So I get it replaced with this aluminum jawn over at Philadelphia Bikes Inc and two days later I am rolling around on it before I got toe clips and slid my flip flopped foot right in-between the tire and fork. Totally blew the shit out, I end overed my bike, woke up on the ground with a bike stuck on my foot, my arm all fucked up, and like some broken toes. Shit was not fun, so I parked it and went to go get breakfast all fucked up down the street at my super secret spot that some how is being overrun by yuppies which I guess kind of has to happen. So then I take it back to Philadelphia Bikes and they just look at me like, “Dude you just got your bike back from us the other day” and I was like yeah I know I need a new fork. This is also when that dude is there who has the shirt that obviously some bike messenger made for him since its an XL American Apparel that has “Don’t Ask Me For Shit” on it, every time I come in I am like I want this and he is like “No, I am not going to retape your handle bars with neon pink tape. All I wanna do is play on my computer and put a little Gin in my 32 ounce sugar tee from the Chinese spot down the street and sit in front of the air conditioner.” So they hook me up with a new fork after a day or two and then I am rolling around which was bugged out since I was still kinda shook. So then I park my bike outside my house cause I am all tired and then this time the dude steals my back wheel. This I wasn’t all that mad at since it was on one of those European wheels that has that wack nipple. So this time when I go back to Philadelphia Bikes the dude is just buggin out. In two weeks I needed both wheels replaced, trashed my fork, and still was coming back for more shit. So I am on there frequent buyers list now and all I have to do is wait 20 mins for them to do the work on my bike.

So every time I come to that spot I have two options of what to eat. Fairmount 2 “the sequel” now titled Assandros but with the same crappy food and cardboard pizza, or there is the Chinese spot that sells chicken in sugar sauce. I also found out that people in Philly call “soy sauce” suey sauce” what the fuck is that all about? So the other day I am up there asking them to replace this steel rim that I got with an aluminum one cause my fat ass totally bent the shit and I went to go get something to eat and there is a new spot called “Cobre”. I was feeling it. Crazy grimy outside that makes the place really feel like a dive ass restaurant until I stepped in that place. Shit was out of control on some Mexican Yuppster shit. Like I love seedy ass Mexican joints where they are not speaking English and you have to pay market price on your guacamole and you order in Spanish and the girl smiles all cute (I see you Jose’s). This place looked like it was gonna be a weird night club lounge thing for male entertainers but instead they serve Mexican food. I mean I guess they are trying to class it up but the way to do that is not to sell really corny and mad corporate art on there walls, then on the flipside they got that crazy Mexican jukebox that plays all types of crazy songs way to loud. So it was lunch time and inside the place was me and like a small table that was having a party and that was it, yet I still got terrible service. Plus they had that juke box so loud I couldn’t even think to myself. And like since there was no one in the place the shit was just echoing all over. The menu was kinda dope though they had a Puerto Rican side and then there is a Mexican side. I got food from both but I wanted to talk to my waiter a lot about the food and find out what was the real dopeness. He was this 16 year old kid in a White Tee which was really funny to me since I swore I had seen him up the block outside the spot at 17th and Mt. Vernon. So the whole time I keep asking for a glass of water and I am still hung over and keep almost drinking the glass that has a floating candle in it while I am talking to my Mom on the phone. Then I ask for a recommendation and he says “For me, I would totally get the steak with onions and mushrooms. Whoaa thats eating.” I was like dude its Wednesday at like 12:30. Who gets a steak? Give me some soup and like this Puerto Rican Corn meal thing with plantains and flavored pig skin.

So while I am waiting I am start reading that article about gun owners in Philadelphia and it turns out that the girl I am banging who is 23 has also banged this dude who is like 40, repeatedly over a short period of time cause we had to have a little talk about our sexual partners before we could have sex and she told me about him. It was kinda bugged out. I immediately went to call everyone I knew and was like you see that dude in the paper; I am sharing with him, yeah a lot, like every other night. It was really boss, then my food came and I lost my appetite. The soup was dope but that other shit was just out there and tasted like bullshit. Plus there was suppose to be this weird sauce that went with it but it came like half way and by that way I thought I was going to puke. So I have to go since I am on lunch and I walk over and give the dude $10 on an $8 dollar meal and he starts buggin out. He is like are you sure you don’t want to stay for dessert, we got some dope desserts. Again I was like dude its Wednesday at 12:45, who gets desserts. I walk out and go pick up my bike and cruise back to 440 feeling like shit ready for another three hours of being hung over at work. That’s truly some of the best shit like when you’re so hung over that even after you eat you still feel like shit.

812 North Broad Street

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“Places Mutherfucking Casi G has eaten”

August 8th, 2007 · 2 Comments

This is gonna be a new segment I write called…

“Places Mutherfucking Casi G has eaten”

4087069 md “Places Mutherfucking Casi G has eaten”

Basically its gonna be a really salty guide to places I have eaten in Philadelphia that are really real. So basically I am so tired of eating Cheese Steaks and pizza and shit like that, that I am always trying to find restaurants that don’t serve that shit and fit into my budget (el cheapo). So lets do this, and soon I am gonna nerd out on this shit and like figure out how to google maps these places and have places where you can comment. Also I am gonna try and code them to areas of the city. Shit is kinda blogcore but whatever, I just threw on this Iron and Wine track an am feeling like I need to make my mark on the world. Don’t talk to me about this in the real world.

So I try to make it a rule that I never go to South Philly. Like I have no business ever being there, ever. Everytime I go I just feel out of place since I don’t eat pretzels, don’t watch the Phillies, and don’t listen to WMMR. So like a week ago I wake up on the floor of my apartment naked completely dehydrated after sweating for 8 hours and am like this is a perfect day to go to the Italian Market and get breakfast and some Draino. So I call up Dan and we decide to ride down there and get some shit to eat. I basically am thinking I am going to Pats at 12:30 since I don’t know shit else about that area. But we show up and there are like a shit load of cafes on Christian street. So of course we decide to go to the one that has the most fixed gears hanging off a tree near by and it happens to be “Sabrina’s Café” on 910 Christian.

So we walk up and first it’s really awkward. We walk into the first room and it’s really dark, kind of like this blue dark room that is really noisy. I was so not having that shit. So I ask the waitress if we can sit outside which I find out is a 20 min wait and we should just sit in the dark room. Now I am not having that. Like when I go out I am paying for an experience. I want it all and yes that means, coffee, water, juice and for my ass not to be sitting in the dark. Then I start to look around and I see my South Philly indy peoples. I think they are a little more raw then the north sider’s because they were seriously representing them bad tattoos like it was no joke. And that angle haircut? How do you eat your food with that shit.

So the waitress eventually takes us into the other room and its like night and day in that place. I seriously walked out of some dudes basement in to the country bumpkin roadside café in Vermont. Shit was on some yuppie extremist you are not in Philly but straight chilaxking in Maine and you would smoke a blunt but your like 33 now. I loved it. We sat in this raised table that had a family to the right hanging with there kid and we could look at the whole spread of the restaurant. This is always the best since I always want to see what other people are eating and talk shit about them aka figure out what the fuck they are up to.

So its on and our waitress comes over and gets our order. Dan got some Mexican eggs and blue corn thing which is so what ever. So I had to go crazy and order this crazy ass French toast with cheese in it. But while we are sitting there the waitress for the indy side comes over to the yuppie side and it just absolutely floored me. I couldn’t talk about anything else after that. She straight up had some line drawing tattoos, a small round oval face, black hair, tight hair cut, and had a pair of jeans on. She basically looked like my favorite indy girl trainwreck waiting to happen. I found out her name was Kirby and the shit was on. Well really I just talked a bunch of shit about talking to her but I never manned up. Instead I eat almost all my food until I felt like I was going to throw up cause there was so much food. Then the check came and for the food it was really well priced for the area. So I think I hit the girl with a 22% tip cause I was feeling really real and shit just tied my morning together. Before we left Kirby walked by me and I asked her for more coffee and she said she would be right back with it. So I thought this was my time I am gonna holler at her but instead this other girl comes back and I tell her I actually don’t want any more. On the way out we ended up running into Kid Blends sitting there with his girl and this really dope pair of neon Nikes on. Shit was crucial.

Google maps

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