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An Interview with AUFPhiladelphia

January 26th, 2010 by di1 · 1 Comment

auf shroom An Interview with AUFPhiladelphia

This past weekend saw the launch of AUFPhiladelphia at North Bowl. We sent over some questions in the past week to get and idea of who and what AUF is.
What is AUF?

AUF stands for “A UNITED FRONT” Its the way I feel we need to act to establish Philadelphia as producer of fine goods that other cities should take notice of.

Will you stock Philly brands exclusively or will there be other clothes as well?

Yes. The brands we will showcase and offer are all Philly Based. We will also offer products made by Philly artists

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What would you stay the style of clothing for sale will be? Streetwear? Guys? Girls? Accessories?

“Life style” and street wear will definitely be present, but we didn’t want to limit ourselves to that. For example one brand we will be offering “Radlands” pulls its influences from skate, hippy, biker, native American, and drug culture… out there shit. Then there is “After Life” which resurrects classic vintage gear found on cross country travels. They are starting off with a grip of fine vintage Pendelton flannels discovered in Northern California and brought back to Philly.

Will AUF be a brick and mortar store, just online or a combo of both?

There are no plans in the immediate future for a brick and mortar store. Philly already has great selection of independent shops, Fresh Melt Water, Made to Order, Abukis, and Topstich just to name a few. We aim more to bring the availability of Philadelphia brands to an audience outside the city that are less aware of the quality soft goods and products being produced here. A pop up shop at some point in the next year is definitely a goal but for now we are just going to stay focused on getting the site out there and building with the brands and artists we are working with.

Who is responsible for AUF?

There are a lot of brands and artist that make the site possible but when it comes to the organization and day to day management it is me and one of my best friends a long hair named Matt Gribben. We met each other almost 5 years ago when we first moved out here. We had worked on a couple creative projects in the past and this summer we got to put together an art show called “Radlands.” It went really well and during a cross country trip we took later that summer I concepted AUFphiladelphia.

In your mission you mention that $2 from every sale of AUF brand t-shirts will go to a local charity, do you have any ideas what charities will receive this benefit? Do you plan on having a dedicated charity or will it be rotating?

In the beginning I had no idea and was going to pick the five I thought would help the city the most and put it to a vote on the site. Then about a week before we were going to launch the site I was discussing it with my friend Jeremy. He suggested the Philadelphia Student Union. And after a short conversation and a good look at their website I realized that there was no other choice. The youth of the city are the ones that will dictate its future and the ones that hold the most power to change the problems the city faces today. Unfortunately these same students lack many of the basic things needed to gain the educations they will need to lead us effectively. The student union works to create young leaders that take initiative to fight for their basic educational rights and go on to be valuable assets to their communities. Also many of the who are organized with the organization in their youth come back to mentor and support the organization.

What would you say your design style and inspiration for the AUF line is?

AUF as a brand will collaborate with artists, brands, and shops a like to provide a variety of innovative soft goods and products. It is a “uniting brand” that will adapt its styles and influences based on the individuals involved with our projects.

What do you hope to accomplish with the launch of AUF?

I hope to offer awesome Philadelphia based brands and artist to people outside the city while growing a feeling of camaraderie with brands and shops in the city. We are stronger together than we are apart and we can get a lot accomplished for ourselves and each other when we are unified in our support of one another.

What are you feeling right now? Stores, designers, artists etc.

i think play cloths is bringing some simple sweet gear with reasonable price points and that is dope. Matt is pretty into “loser machine” those dudes are rad. And daves quality meats has been a favorite around here for a while and Six pack france is ill.

Any shoutouts you have or anything else we missed?

Our moms and pops! All our friends that have supported us Montrose house ladies! Noc and the skate homies. Fresh Melt Crew! Local shops keep doing your thing Made to order and Abakus. Independent artist and galleries Myles Pure Gold Gettum!

Follow AUF on Twitter, Facebook and order something from their site. Full stock available this Thursday!

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