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Buraka Som Sistema Live in NYC May 2009 MP3 DL Inside

September 8th, 2009 by Krotmat · 1 Comment

buraka som sistema Buraka Som Sistema Live in NYC May 2009 MP3 DL Inside

Este é Buraka, Este é Luanda com uma sugestão de Europa!
Still one of the best live shows I have seen in 2009

Seems just like yesterday but it was really sometime in May. Paul from Clear Booking was in town to go see Sega open for Buraka so we took the Chinatown bus up with Sarah Lee a Korean girl who ran in the streets of the LES. This was also around the time of the Hipster Grifter, mind you, so we had some great conversations about that riding the Chinatown bus into NYC. She lived in Queens but hung out all day in LES, worked in porn to put herself through school, was married to this dude for a green card, got twitter updates from NYC transit and all around was pretty fun but was still a mind fuck to start the night. She wanted to come to the concert to see Sega but it turned out she had to baby sit her grandparents which when we probed deeper didn’t sound all that bad but they needed someone to be with them some nights out of the week. Why she agreed on a Saturday night is beyond me. If last nights party isn’t blocked over here at DB I bet I could find her in some pic.

Check out the rest of the story and download the live set from Buraka after the jump

Eventually we made it into the venue after not being on the guest list and sneaking in with DJ Sega’s lil sister who was turning 20 and had lived her whole life in Philly and never been to NYC. It was on some other shit. She was studying theater at a small liberal arts school about two hours from Philadelphia. So of course her and Paul bond instantly over dance moves especially to Sega’s tracks and they agreed that a dance battle between the two of them had to go down later on that night. But that’s not for another hour and half and we decide to get pizza and while we are doing that she tells us it’s her birthday and that she wants to get some wine coolers. Paul is all about and after walking to three different places to find a traveller of Vodka we settle on Smirnoff Ice to go on top of the pizza we scored in little Italy.

Before I know it I am walking down the street with DJ Sega’s little sister and Paul from Scotland drinking Smirnoff Ices and talking about various Baltimore club dance moves and growing up in the Sega household. But Paul lived in Japan for like six years and has all these funny Japanese mannerisms like saying “ehhhhhh”, and when he totally gets into the conversation he sometimes says Japanese words like “honto ni” which is like really!!!. Lolz all around cause we with Sega’s sister drinking in the middle of the street walking to the Bowery.

I already talked about what went down with Sega’s set at the Bowery Ballroom and a bunch of other people picked it up also.

So the end of Sega’s set you can hear the beginning of Buraka come in and they came to destroy. It’s even apparent in the recording where you can hear that they are pushing the limits of the Bowery sound system.

The end of the night I came out and met a bunch of the band members along with DJ/Rupture who is a totally rad dude and Dan Perlin who had a lot to say about new vogue world music.  Tigarah was there randomly with her 53 year old baile funk electro jpop producer walking around with this random dude from the Philippines who was trying to hard to fit into the New York scene.

Whatevs so Paul the whole night is flipping out about leaving the show early to make sure he can play at Morsy’s loft party out in BK.

Fuck it I don’t even feel like typing any more of this story out. It was just all kinda fucked. Sorry you had to read all of this just to get a link to the live set.

Here you go.

Buraka Som Sistema Live at the Bowery Ballroom – May 2, 2009

Audio clip: Adobe Flash Player (version 9 or above) is required to play this audio clip. Download the latest version here. You also need to have JavaScript enabled in your browser.

Oh yeah Buraka playing again in Nov. Going to try to see them at Fabric but I doubt they will let me record it.

Buraka Som Sistema – 2009 Tour Dates
Sep 11 DJ/MC @ Fabric London
Sep 12 LIVE @ BESTIVAL Isle of Wight
Sep 16 LIVE @ Scopitone Festival Nantes
Sep 17 DJ/MC @ Social Club Paris
Sep 18 LIVE @ N.A.M.E Festival @ Tri Postal Lille
Sep 25 LIVE @ Marsatac Festival Marseille
Sep 26 LIVE @ L’Ososphére Festival Strasbourg
Nov 04 (Le) Poisson Rouge New York

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