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Pr3tty Vacant: A Retail Experience for the Times

June 4th, 2009 by di1 · 2 Comments

pr3tty vacant Pr3tty Vacant: A Retail Experience for the Times

Pr3tty Vacant is the perfect answer to this economy. The concept is simple, recessionaire specials from your favorite brands in completely empty storefronts. Everyone wins. Real estate owners have occupied floor space, designers can unload extra stock and you get a great deal on some of your favorite brands. For the next two months Pr3tty Vacant occupies the former Blaque Linen at 704 South Street (and before that a piercing shop that I can’t currently place anyone remember?). I was curious as to what this is all about so I caught up with them over email.

What is Pr3tty Vacant?

Pr3ttyVacant is a temporary retail experience popping up in empty storefronts, hopefully near you.

Where did you get the idea? Did you develop the concept on your own?

Pr3ttyVacant is a new idea in retail that is catered to the issues around the economy. There are so many stores that have went out of business, therefore leaving vacant retail spaces littering cities. There is also a good amount of excess inventory from hot retail brands due to consumers having less disposable income. Add to the mix that people still want to look good. You put it all together and you get Pr3ttyVacant.

Having run a marketing company (Interference Inc.) for 8 years, we are in the business of looking for opportunities for brands and consumers to connect. With PV, we saw a unique, timely opportunity so we developed the idea and decided to do it for ourselves.

After the jump read the rest of the interview and check out pics from inside opening day.

Could you explain what you mean by “Sustainable R3tail in an Unsustainable 3conomy”?

The economy is in flux, people and businesses are saving their money. Who wants to spend a big amount to open a large store right now? We felt like doing a low-cost retail experience (we literally take a retail space and don’t do a thing to the space to keep costs down, we take it as is and leave is as is) that is temporary, lowers our exposure and allows for a ‘limited time experience’ that seemed to make sense since who know what will happen in the big economic picture.

I see that the current location will only be from June 3rd to July 31st, will there be other locations continuously after that? Do you already have a new location picked out?

We have a 2 month lease with an option for a third. We are hoping to continue in Philadelphia afterwards at a new location. We are currently eying Northern Liberties for the next one.

How has the response been so far?

The response has been tremendous. A lot of people are excited for what we are doing and the gear we are bringing. Some of these labels are not really available in Philly (like Married To The Mob and Royal Filth) so there is excitement around them. In addition, we do not do any advertising, we rely on word of mouth and listening to our customers. So we put our efforts into creating dialog in the social space. Our Twitter feed (@pr3ttyvacant) has been blowing up for a few weeks now with comments and support.

Do you think the recent additions of art galleries will help revitalize South Street?

I hope so. Philly is such a great city for the arts and the more attention we can all bring to South Street the better. There are some amazing up and coming artists in Philadelphia, they just need exposure to the masses.

What do you stock at Pr3tty Vacant? Where do you get your merch from?

We have a few partners, who are long time names in the streetwear game. They are helping us on this. Some of the lines we are carrying right now are Wax Poetics, Married To The Mob, Recon, Subware, Royal Filth, Cliché and a few to others. Part of our goal is to bring in new stuff every week or two so we optimze based on what people want and what brands have excess and want to participate.

Can anyone sell in your store? How would they go about doing that?

If it fits, we will certainly talk to them and try and help. We look to be a part of the community at large and if our consumer base will be into it, we will carry it.

What special events do you have planned for the future?

First up are some special shopping events. Looking to launch that with 215 Magazine as they have been an amazing help for us and we want to give back. We are looking at bringing a bunch of new stuff for that event, so join their mailing list to get word.

How can people get in touch with you?

Right now best way is through our twitter account or they can email us at

Any last shoutouts or anything else we need to know?

Just come by and say hello!

More photos from inside

married mob Pr3tty Vacant: A Retail Experience for the Times

Married to the Mob crew

merch table 1 Pr3tty Vacant: A Retail Experience for the Times
Merch table inside

merch table2 Pr3tty Vacant: A Retail Experience for the Times
Another table

please lord Pr3tty Vacant: A Retail Experience for the Times
Please lord let there be my size

shirt rack Pr3tty Vacant: A Retail Experience for the Times

Stop by Pr3tty Vacant at 704 South Street, Wednesday to Saturday 1 to 9 and Sunday from 11 – 7.
Hit them up digitally on the web or Twitter

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    this is an awesome idea, i want to bite it and make it happen, you and b in?

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