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Dj Sega Interview and Live at The Bowery Ballroom

May 11th, 2009 by Casi G · 11 Comments

dj sega00866 Dj Sega Interview and Live at The Bowery Ballroom

This past week I took a trip up to NYC to catch DJ Sega and Buraka Som Sistema on their last gig together in the United States. I recorded the gig and sent some follow up questions to find out how the tour went. After the jump listen and download the live mix and find out how the tour went.

Sega, how was it on your first big American tour with Buraka Som Sistema?

It was incredible. On the road for two weeks wit Buraka, I had madd fun. We did places I’ve been and places I’ve never been. But we rocked every single spot!!! There even was a time were some dude was dancing and he unplugged the whole system!!! I thought i was gonna have a heart attack when the crowd was chantin me and burakas name. I did the damn thing and Buraka really did the damn thing!!!!!!!

What was your favorite night to rock?

My favorite night was probably New York City. It was so crazy. I twittered at 10pm, got on at 10:30pm, and then the place was sold out by 11pm. It was crazy energy in New York. I loved it. I always love when I spin there. I spun on the balcony and I crowd surfed for the first time!!! Lol…I can’t wait to see those pics!!!!!!

Was the Bmore sound going over all across the US?

I’m not really sure, but i know I represent not only myself and my squad; but the sound itself. It’s important to me to have the audience like, “Oh my god, what kind of music is that!!!!” Of course I like for people to look up my music, but I also want people to look up the main inspiration which is Baltimore Club. Real Baltimore Club.

Well on the real, what city had the best weed?

Vancouver, hands down. I love goin up there. The crowd is always dances whether they can or not. I love it!!!!!!! Vancouver is one of the best places I have to stop when i do a tour. Last time I went to Vancouver I went to one of those smoke spots. I chilled, smoked some good bud outta the volcano vaporizer, and bussed ass in pool. This is a place I have to visit on a regular basis. It’s a relaxing yet partying spot. Vancouver…yea.

I saw that you and Buraka have really bonded with all that time in the bus, can we expect some Sega Buraka tracks soon?

Buraka is so cool. They all have they’re own personality they bring to the group. And the live performances are insane. They can put on one hell of a show!!! I had a blast on tour with them. Shit, I would love to do some tracks with them.

Looks like you just released a new cd with Mad Decent, Old Head, Brick Bandits? Give us the breakdown?

Yea, New Jack Philly. It’s basically a mix of my productions with a late 80s to early 90s theme to the music. If we were to breakdown the sub themes its video games, R&B music, some in the club on a weekend type shit, to some television shit. It’s all over the place but in one time period. The “Nino Doo Dew Brown” not only pays respect to the Baltimore Club origin. But it also sets the time frame of the album itself. Ever since I first heard 2 Hyped Bros’ “Doo Dew Brown”, I was hooked on the production itself; even though I was only like 5 at the time…lol.

newjackphilly lo 1 300x300 Dj Sega Interview and Live at The Bowery Ballroom
Heard it was a big seller on tour! What can we expect from you in the future?

Lol…Alot!!!! I’m workin hard to push this sound. Baltimore i feel wants to keep the club sound to themselves. I want it to expand worldwide. And in doing so, I tackle certain tracks that can appeal to different types of music lovers. I’ve always loved this sound since i heard it as a teen. But I also thought everybody should feel the same way i felt when i heard it. The club music I’m used to hearing would always leave a good crazy impression on me. And it was always something new!!!!! It’s kind of a long story though.

Thanks Seg, aight any shout outs?

Yea, shouts out to everybody in Ghetto Division/Chicago Bandits. Everybody in the Brick Bandits. The New Philly Bandits, Buraka Som Sistema, Crooklyn Clan. The Baltimore Club Kingz; Booman, KW Griff, Rod Lee , Technics, Johnny Blaze, Scottie B, Shawn Ceaser, King Tutt, Dukeyman…anybody i forgot about i apologize. Mad Decent, all my twitter followers, all my myspace friends, everybody thats friends on my youtube channel, and everybody that fuck wit my music.

If you want Dj Sega to come rock in your town get in touch with Brick Bandit Guru Dirty South Joe on his Myspace…

DJ Sega – Live at Bowery Ballroom May 2, 2009

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Buy DJ Sega – New Jack Philly

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    haha, that was me dancin’ on tha power cord…my bad! faulty wiring, still!

    and nice recording! i was gonna tape tha whole Toronto show, but i only had enough space for Buraka’s set. still got some video though..

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